About Us

We are richly inspired by the Advaita Philosophy and adopted the name “Advaita” for our company. Advaita principle asserts ‘oneness’ as the fundamental quality of all beings. Advaita denotes “there is no ‘dvaita’ (two),” and this Sanskrit word is pronounced as [uhd·vei·tuh].

The central tenet of Advaita is the reliance in a singular reality, Brahman, which is both transcendent and immanent. The individual self and the universal self are considered identical. Advaita teaches that any change, duality, or plurality is an illusion, and the true self is nothing but Brahman. This insight into the identity of the self and Brahman results in spiritual release. The philosophy asserts that Brahman is outside time, space, and causality, which are simply forms of empirical experience. The inspiration from Advaita philosophy can be profound. It inspires a compassionate view towards others, as all beings are seen as manifestations of the same ultimate reality.

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